Equity Protection Program

Our Simple Process Makes Selling Your Home a Snap

Why Choose Our Equity Protection Program?

  • We handle everything for you, from start to finish, while making sure you get the most out of the sale!
  • The net price we agree to on the Agreement of Sale is the price you get!
  • We pay all the closing costs, realtor commissions, and other fees so the only things you have to worry about are any mortgages, liens, and prorated property taxes.
Ideal Duration in a House Before Selling

With us, you can avoid…

  • Covering agent commissions Coordinating with tenants
  • The piles of paperwork
  • Stressful negotiations
  • Traditional closing costs
  • Setting up the house for showing and paying for photos
  • The hassle of managing renovations or repairs

How It Works

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  • First things first: we work together to understand YOUR specific needs to see if your house and your situation qualify for our Retail Buyer Program.
  • We agree to a net price, sign the Agreement of Sale, and start pre-screening our potential end buyers.
  • With time and reasonable access to the property, we’ll market it on and off the MLS. We’ll conduct showings for appraisers, contractors generating bids, and our prospective end buyers.
  • Once we select our end buyer, we step out of our original agreement and sign the Buyer Substitution Agreement, saving us fees and passing those savings on to you.
  • We handle the home inspections, negotiations, repairs, and concessions so you’re free to sit back, relax, and watch us work our magic!
  • While you’re relaxing, we’ll manage the entire closing process from start to finish! We handle all the paperwork, coordinating with title, closing attorneys, and everyone else involved in the transaction.
  • When it’s closing time, our buyer becomes the new owner and you get your net proceeds. We can even take care of any post-closing renovations at our expense.

You get 100% of our original agreement price!

At your request, we can even work with a trusted third party of your choice to sign all closing documents on your behalf!

Relieve the Stress and Get Your House Sold for a Fair Price Today!