Should I Sell to a Home Investor?

Sell to a Home Investor

If you are planning to sell your home, you probably think first of listing your property with a realtor to put it on the real estate market. In many cases, however, this method is much more expensive and time consuming than you’d think. Luckily, there is another more efficient option — working with a home investor. A home investor is either an individual or a company that buys homes as a part of their investment or business strategy. If you are wondering whether selling your home for cash to an investment company is a good idea for you, We Buy Houses Cincinnati has prepared the list of reasons why you should consider this option: 

It Is Faster and Less Stressful

Working with a realtor by trying to sell your home can be a time-consuming process. First, you have to advertise your house and find a prospective buyer, which can take months. Even if you find one fast enough, the buyer will have to qualify for financing, and this can create further delay. A home investor is ready to buy your home for cash immediately and close the deal right away. If you contact an investor, you will get a cash offer within 24 hours, which is not possible if you are working with a realtor. You do not have to waste your time on stressful back-and-forth negotiations and wait for days. In most cases, sellers have cash in hand within a week or even a few days. 

There Are No Extra Costs

When you are working with an investor, you do not have to worry about paying the commissions you’d normally have to pay by selling a home with a realtor. After seeing your house, an investor will offer you a price that can be paid right away. This price will not change, which means that there are no other hidden charges or fees that you do not expect. 

No Need to Repair Your Home

If you are selling your property with a realtor, you may have to make many repairs to make it attractive to buyers. This means you have to put even more money into your home by installing a new roof, replacing flooring, improving landscaping, painting inside and out, and making other changes and improvements that are expensive and extremely time consuming. If you decide to sell your home to an investor, you don’t have to worry about all that. Investors are not bothered by the extent of the damage because they will work with contractors to fix all the issues. 

It Is a Good Way to Avoid Foreclosure

Being behind on your mortgage payments and knowing that your mortgage lender can foreclose on your property is stressful. In some cases, you still can negotiate loan terms with a lender and get a chance to keep the house. However, a loan modification may be denied, and then you will be even more behind on your payments. Sometimes selling your house fast is the only solution to avoid foreclosure and protect your credit history completely. Investors often buy properties in foreclosure, and they are quite familiar with the process. They will be able to help you to arrange a short and quick sale and close the deal before the foreclosure period ends. 

You Can Sell A Home in a Bad Neighborhood

If your property is located in a bad neighborhood, it can be hard to find a buyer. Even the most experienced realtors struggle to sell homes in areas with a high crime rate or properties located in loud environments. Investors do not care about this. Their goal is to purchase your home and make it so great that they will easily find a buyer who would love to live in it. 

Get a Home Investor to Purchase Your Home Now

If you are interested in selling your home in Cincinnati as soon as possible and want to receive a cash offer within 24 hours, do not hesitate to contact We Buy Houses Cincinnati. We buy houses in any condition and any location, and we are ready to pay cash. Since our company is a team of local homeowners, we understand how stressful and frustrating your situation may be. Therefore, we do our best to help you sell your home quickly and easily. To receive cash in hand immediately after your sale, give us a call or visit our website.