How to Sell Your Sinkhole House

The home-selling process is always a stressful, challenging, and time-consuming experience involving many things. In order to sell your home successfully, you have to take many things into consideration and make important decisions. And if there are any issues with the property, the process of selling the home gets even more complicated.

One of the most serious issues that can make the entire home-selling process very challenging is a sinkhole (depression in the ground). Therefore, many homeowners whose properties are damaged by sinkholes wonder whether it is even possible to sell their homes.

In general, selling property with a sinkhole is possible, and there are two methods to do it. The first one is to fix the property first and then sell it, and the second is to sell your home as is to a cash buyer.

If you decide to repair your sinkhole property in order to sell it later, you can definitely do it, but there are certain things to consider and certain questions to answer.

Is It Safe to Repair a Sinkhole?

In general, repairing a sinkhole is a safe process if it is certified by a licensed engineer. However, you should understand that there is no guarantee that a sinkhole will not appear again, especially if it was formed naturally.

How Expensive Is Repairing a Sinkhole?

If a sinkhole is small, and it has not caused too much damage, a sinkhole repair will cost you between $10,000 and $15,000. However, sinkhole damage can be more serious and extensive and can cost up to $150,000 in some cases.

In addition, there are other factors that affect the cost of sinkhole repairs. These factors include the results of the geotech engineering report, the size of the home, and some others.

Do You Need to Disclose Anything About Your Sinkhole Property?

When selling their properties after repairing sinkholes, many homeowners prefer not to inform their prospective buyers about it. However, this is illegal, and people buying your home deserve to know whether there are any issues with the property. Therefore, if you are selling a home with a sinkhole, you need to provide a copy of the report that includes a detailed description of what has happened, as well as a copy of the completion certification of stabilization.

Sell Your Sinkhole House Fast to a Cash Home Buyer

Even though sinkholes are not very common in Ohio, they still can occur, causing significant damage to your property. Sinkholes reduce properties in price, which makes selling more challenging. If you are thinking of selling your sinkhole property, and you want to do it the traditional way, you will have to fix it first. However, even after all the repairs, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell it.

However, there is another way that makes a sinkhole property selling possible, even without any repairs, and that is selling to a cash home buyer. Cash buyers purchase properties as is, without requesting any repairs, upgrades, or renovation. If your property has a sinkhole, you can sell it to a cash home buyer within two weeks and receive cash.

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